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traditional summer camps

The classic summer camp experience. Traditional summer camps have a little bit of everything, so it's guaranteed that you won't get bored.

These camps can be commonly found all across Canada, and camps in other categories often fit into this group. Traditional summer camps are for everyone - fitting right in with Canada's reputation for inclusivity.

facilities and accommodation

Accommodations are different at each camp, but you'll usually be staying in a cabin with bunks and electricity. Some camps may have a more rustic or outdoor atmosphere, but still offer a similar range of activities. Meals are mostly served in a large dining hall.

You can learn more about the accommodations during your interview with your Camp Director.

traditional camp activities

Traditional camps cover a wide range of activities - from art to gymnastics to mountain biking and waterfront activities.

One of the best things about camp is that you'll be able to try out lots of different activities - even ones that are brand new to you. You can do just about anything at traditional camps - baseball, windsurfing, and more. Whatever you love, you can teach it at camp.

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the campers

Summer camps are one of the most inclusive places in the world, welcoming campers from all kinds of different backgrounds.

Some traditional camps may be run by religious organizations, and some might be equipped to be accessible for special needs campers. Some camps receive campers from underprivileged backgrounds.

No matter what camp you're going to, you'll hear different life stories and make your campers' summer one to remember.

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how to apply for a traditional camp

Just hit the apply button. From there, you can start your application and learn more about what to expect this summer.

Since traditional camps are the most common type of camp, they're everywhere around Canada. They offer all kinds of activities, and are sometimes combined with another type of camp - so if you're interested in working in a specific job role or activity, or with special needs or underprivileged campers, there's a good chance you'll be able to do that at a traditional camp!

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