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another reason to choose Canada.

visa exemption

Looking at Canada as your next working holiday destination? Unlike the American J1 summer program, you're exempt from a visa with Camp Canada.

That means you don't even need to visit an embassy - and you'll avoid the hassle and cost of applying for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa as well. We'll prepare all the paperwork for you and make the process of getting to Canada as simple as possible.

What's the difference between a Camp Canada work permit & the IEC?

In place of the International Experience Canada visa, the Canadian government grants a work permit to international summer camp counselors - you just need to have a fixed-length job offer in hand. This is where Camp Canada comes in.

Work permits are more available and easier to get than the IEC.

Unlike the IEC, there is no cap to the amount of work permits the Canadian government gives out each year, or how many times you can use it.

Your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) are taken at the border, so you don't need to travel to a Visa Application Centre. You also don't need proof of funds, as you do with the IEC, which requires a minimum of $2,500 CAD in your account.

Use a work permit to see Canada now, and save your IEC until you're ready.

A popular option for international Camp Canada staff members is to spend a few summers as a counselor, and then apply for the IEC visa. That way, you don't have to use your IEC until you're ready, so you can get the most out of it. There is also the possibility to extend your stay and explore Canada for up to 6 months after your work permit expires- ask a Camp Canada team member!

If you have a current IEC, you're eligible for the Camp Canada program too! We'll set you up with a job, and you'll have a good head start on the next 2 years. You'll also receive a $100 discount towards your program fee.

Go back with a work permit if you've already used your IEC visa.

If you've already used your IEC visa, or were unsuccessful in applying for one this year, you can still go to Canada this summer with a work permit through Camp Canada. Unlike the IEC, you can return to Canada again and again with the same work permit.

Click on the tabs below to find out what you'll need to have a great Canadian summer.

your paperwork

As a Camp Canada participant, you do not need a visa to travel and work in Canada! This is different than working at a camp in America, since you’ll save lots of time and avoid all embassy appointments and confusing paperwork.

To work at a Canadian summer camp, all the paperwork you need is an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), which you can apply for online at anytime before your trip, and a Canadian Work Permit, which you will obtain once you land in Canada.

what does the process look like?

We have an in-house Certified Immigration Consultant at our Toronto office who will process all the paperwork for you. Unlike an IEC (Working Holiday Permit), you won’t have to wait for an answer since you won't be put on a pool of candidates. Our team will email you all the needed documentation a couple of weeks before your flight to Canada.

All you need to do, is simply print all the documents that we will send you and bring them with you to Canada. Once you land at a Canadian airport, you will present these documents to the Immigration Officer and obtain your Work Permit.

When you land, you’ll be asked to pay for Biometrics (fingerprints and picture), and although it happens very rarely, the Immigration Officer may charge you a fee of $155 CAD for your Work Permit.

Once you have your Work Permit, you’ll be ready to leave the airport and get your Canadian adventure started!

going to Canada has never been easier.