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what is summer camp?

Heading to summer camp is a long-standing tradition for Canadian kids, and camp staff are hired to instruct and look after the campers throughout the summer.

Camp is the perfect place for young travellers to spend a summer - they'll adopt new responsibilities, develop their skills, and grow their confidence in a unique environment.

Summer camp is fun, but your young person will gain way more than positive memories. They will adopt a well-rounded outlook on the world, and return more confident, resilient & responsible.

benefits of working at summer camp:

increased employability.

Working at summer camp will build a CV & boost employability.

A job at summer camp develops independence, drive and responsibility. These valuable traits are easily recognised around the world by employers.

builds character.

A job at summer camp can be hard work. To ensure a successful summer, staff will learn to develop grit and determination as character traits.

Camp staff are responsible for adhering to the camp schedule throughout the summer & are held accountable for upholding their camp role while remaining professional.

safe working environment.

If we wouldn't send our own kids there, we wouldn't send yours, either. We carefully select our camps to ensure our participants receive a high-quality experience.

When hand-picking our camps, we make sure they place a high importance on creating a safe environment for campers and staff.

expanded network.

Summer camps hire staff from across the globe. This exposes international staff to new cultures, allowing them to build a network of relationships with people all over the world.

Most staff go to work at camp by themselves, enabling them to form genuine friendships as they embark on a shared unique travel experience.

safe, affordable travel

After camp, they have the option to extend their status in Canada as a visitor. It's a super-easy online process & once completed, they're able to explore Canada for up to 6 months.

Camp staff are paid for their time at camp, so afterwards they can experience Canada without having to save tonnes of money beforehand.

why choose camp canada?

We are the only placement agency that is based both in the UK and Canada so our knowledge of Canada is second to none. We've all been to camp ourselves, so we're passionate about what we do.

  • We provide 24/7 support at camp.
  • We are the original UK Canadian summer camp agency.
  • We've sent 1000's of participants in the past 15 years.
  • We work with 100+ of the best camps across Canada.
  • We provide a virtual orientation before arrival in Canada.
insurance included.

The Camp Canada program includes 10 weeks (70 days) of medical insurance. Our participants are required to have medical insurance for the entirety of their camp contract.

If they are working longer than 10 weeks (70 days) and/or travelling in Canada after this 70 day period, it is their responsibility to extend their insurance policy for $3 a day.

If they do not complete your camp contract, you may be responsible for covering the cost of the health insurance.

More about Camp Canada insurance

choose the original camp canada®

camp canada program timeline:

If you think Camp Canada suits your young person, have a look at our full program timeline in our application guide.

Regardless of how much or little your young person has travelled in the past, Camp Canada will support them throughout the whole process.

Check out our application guide

key pre-departure events:


Camp directors want to make sure they hire people who are the perfect fit for their camp. They love to meet staff before the summer, often arranging Skype interviews with potential candidates.

job fairs:

In January, we tour the UK with Canadian summer camp directors who are looking to hire people, in person, right there and then. They are are a huge opportunity to spend time with different camps directors, to find the perfect camp and get hired on the spot.

More about our job fairs