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who we are & what we do

We're a group of passionate, dedicated individuals with a love for summer camp. We'll go the extra mile to make your Canadian adventure as smooth, easy, and enjoyable as possible.

Whether we first attended as a camper or a counsellor, there's nothing we love more than spending our summers on the lake and helping other people get there too.

We're here to elevate your summer.

meet the camp canada team:


Hey Hey! My name's Jonathan and I grew up In Michigan, but spent every summer, except for one, in Canada. I'm constantly energized and driven by the impact that the organized camping industry has on people's lives and it's ability to foster a strong sense of community. I love doing yoga, riding my bike and spending time with my family. I feel so fortunate to get to work with such an amazingly talented and dedicated group of people and it's inspiring and refreshing to meet and greet all of the incredibly excited participants that come through the Camp Canada program each year.


Hi Everyone! I was born and raised in Canada and spent my summers growing up at a camp in Northern Ontario. I met my husband at summer camp when I was working there as a Counsellor and we now have three incredible daughters together. We also work together at Camp Canada to help people around the world experience the magic of summer camp. I am an Immigration Consultant and provide immigration support for our camps and participants.


Hi! I’m JC and have been part of the placement team at Camp Canada for the past 6 seasons. Originally from the UK, I planned to go to camp for just 1 summer, but spent 5 summers working on an island-based camp in Ontario. My summers led to me having the greatest adventures of my life, and meeting the most incredible people. I’m now proud to call Canada my home, and I love introducing fellow internationals to this beautiful country.


Hey friends! I'm Camilla and I'm from Leeds, UK. I moved to Canada in 2009 on a working holiday, never left, and am proud to call myself a Canadian citizen since 2018. I worked at camp in the USA for four summers before joining Camp Canada by Nyquest, and that was a huge gateway for me into the power of cultural exchange, jumping outside of your comfort zone and having the courage to go further. Outside of making dreams happen in Canada, I love to bike, hike, and knit!


Ay’up me ducks! I’m Sammy and I was born in Nottingham in the UK. I went to a special needs camp for 3 summers as a drama instructor/general counsellor in Ontario. Some of my favourite moments at camp were running campfire skits and helping build campers self-confidence through my program! I now lead the Community Success team in Toronto. I love to spread positivity and help others feel supported and this job gives me that chance! When I’m not working, you may find me attending/performing in the theatre, out on Lake Ontario paddling for a dragon boat team or exploring the Canadian countryside.


Hi I'm Anna! I'm from the land of St Patrick, potatoes and leprechauns! That's right - Ireland! I've been a camp addict since 2016 when I applied to the Camp Canada program and haven't looked back since. I spent 3 summers living in a castle at camp with the youngest girl campers and this past summer I had the chance to get to know all campers being on the camp’s Leadership team. I spent two seasons as a Brand Ambassador in Ireland before moving to the Toronto office full-time last year. This season I’m back in the Emerald Isle as the Brand Ambassador Manager for Ireland.


Hi there, I'm Taylor! I was born in Toronto, but spent 9 years living in Tennessee. My love of camp started when I was 8 years old, and attended camp for my first summer! Having moved from Toronto, to Tennessee, and back again, I guess you can say that summer camp has been the most consistent (and best) thing in my life! I attended a camp in Ontario for 22 years and have been lucky enough to see camp from many different perspectives, as a camper, counsellors, unit head, and eventually worked my way up to being the staff coordinator and camper tracker. I am on the Placement Team here at Camp Canada and can't wait to share the magic of summer camp!


Hey guys! My name is Aly and I was born and raised in Wicklow, Ireland. I've been working at a camp in Quebec for the past four summers and have done a variety of different jobs there; I was a camp nanny, a head counsellor and most recently the head of programming. I absolutely love working at camp, and I'm so happy to be working on the Placement Team so that others can have the same amazing camp experience!


Becky by name, B’edwards by nature. Working from the UK office I am the go to on the ground for all support throughout your application. Keeping the team fuelled and warm with the best Mocha’s in town. Just don’t ask me which milk you want (I prefer 100% over that 2% stuff).


Sass, did you mean Jess? Bringing the disco flares to the Liverpool office. I oversee the program and team on the ground to ensure things are moving smoothly and we are recruiting lots of fantastic people for the summer of their lives. Great job eh.


Hey! I'm Rob and I've been working on the Camp Canada program for three years, helping coordinate the joining of NYQUEST and Smaller Earth into the premier Camp brand in the Canadian market, with offices in over a dozen countries. Prior to this work I ran the Smaller Earth office in Australia, sending hundreds of incredible Aussies on cultural exchange experiences, and trying to get to grips with what's going on in an Aussie rules football game. We're so excited about the potential of this team & program and the incredible experiences we can create for young people all over the world and Canadian Camps.

Becky G

Hi there! It’s Becky here; I’m from the UK and have loved working on the Camp Canada team in Toronto this year! After studying in Australia and working with international students at universities in the UK, I worked as a counselor at two YMCA camps in Ontario. I loved it so much that I returned to Camp Canada and now work on the Community Success Team, where I help to ensure that you have the happiest, healthiest and greatest ever summer camp adventure!!


I am a Welsh lad (minus the accent) with a love for all things camp! I am new to the Camp Canada team and I am here to get you up and running with your application as well as answering any questions you may have. In summer 2019 I went on my first camp adventure so I know how scary it can be to go out of your comfort zone and travel, but, after what has been the best summer of my life as a high ropes and climbing specialist I am already planning my next summer camp adventure. I’m super excited to get to know you and get you on board!


Hey everyone!! I’m Dylan, and I’m a Canadian from all over. I was born in the gloriously mountainous Winnipeg, I grew up in Victoria, and spent just over a decade living in Montreal (mais je parle français seulement un peu). More recently, I’ve made the trip across the pond and am super excited to be working as part of Camp Canada’s Liverpool team! 2019 was my eighth summer at camp in Canada. I’ve been a kayak specialist, tripping counsellor, and now oversee one of my camp’s age levels. I can’t wait to help you have an unbelievable summer at camp so that you can see what keeps me coming back every year :)


I’m Harry! I am originally from the South Coast of the UK but I have been hopping around the world for the past 5 years doing everything from climbing mountains, snowboarding, boarding down volcanoes and best of all, working at camp. I now call Toronto my home and am part of the placement team working with the camp directors making sure we find the perfect placement for you! When I am not in the office, you can find me yelling at the TV pretending I know stuff about basketball. Go raps!


Ayoo - I’m Hayley :) Based in the Liverpool office, I manage the Camp Canada social media accounts… So all of your awesome Instagram posts from camp and around Canada come to me! I have quite an extensive background in digital marketing and social media, particularly in the fashion industry, but it was my love for travel and desire for a fulfilling and meaningful career that brought me here. I’m so excited to be working on this brand and hopefully I’ll get to try my first Tim Hortons soon! (and you can bet it’ll be posted on Instagram when I do).


Hi everyone! I’m Vicky, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Now based in the Liverpool office, I’m there to answer all your questions and help you through the first steps of your Camp Canada journey. I grew up going to summer camps for over a decade, trying out nearly every activity you can think of along the way, and am so excited to share the wonderful things camp has to offer with you!


Hey, I'm Conor and I look after all things marketing for Camp Canada from the Liverpool office. I feel privileged to be able to promote a brand and a meaningful travel experience that I've seen change peoples lives first hand. My favourite Camp Canada experience was getting picked up by boat and taken to visit a camp in the middle of a lake on its own island. Meeting our participants who are having the time of their life makes marketing Camp Canada such a joy.


Hello, my name is Aidan and I’m from a city in northern England called Carlisle. I came to Canada in 2015 to work at a summer camp in Ontario as a counselor and ended up having 4 life-changing summers there. Right now, you’ll find me in the Toronto office as part of the community success team or in a random city restaurant putting way too much gravy on my chips (fries). Controversially, I’m not a fan of maple syrup, my passions lie with football (soccer) and camp! I’m beyond excited to be a part of this team!


Hey, my name is Ryan and I’m from Ireland (Yes I’m a leprechaun, but don’t tell anyone!!) I began my camp journey by working at YMCA Camp Silver beach in the U.S in 2016. I’ve worked and travelled in the U.S for the past 4 years and now I’m ready to take on Canada! My interests are American Football (of course) and basically being outdoors as much as possible - I’m the biggest sucker in the world for a good sunset!! My passion is camp and everything camp related! I now call Toronto home and I’ll be working as one of your Community Success Representatives. Super excited to be part of the Camp Canada family and go on this journey with you!