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welcome to the great outdoors.

types of summer camp

Finding the right type of camp is important for you and for your campers. There are thousands of different camps in Canada - and each has their own unique style, culture, and identity.

You can let us know your preferences in your camp profile when you register, and we'll help you find an amazing camp. We've got a huge variety of camps all across Canada, so there's sure to be one for you - and many camps will fit into multiple categories, which means you've got lots of options.

types of camp in canada:

Summer camps mainly fall under one of the following categories:

  • Traditional
  • Rustic
  • Special Needs
  • Campers from an underpriveleged background
  • Faith-based

from coast to coast, there's something for everyone.

traditional summer camps

Campfires, cabins, the great outdoors - these camps have it all.

You'll experience the great outdoors of Canada in epic fashion at a traditional camp - and be part of a summer camp story that goes back over 100 years.

This is the most common type of camp, and many of the other camp types will fit into the traditional category. Chances are, you'll end up at one of these camps even if you're placed at a faith-based, special needs, or underprivileged background camp.

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rustic & outdoor camps

The ultimate wilderness adventure.

Digital detox on a whole new level - you'll spend your summer exploring the outdoors with your campers. You'll head out hiking and backpacking, teaching them wilderness skills.

If you're up for the challenge, you'll have a summer you'll never forget.

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rustic & traditional camps are also available at specific-focus camps:

active faith-based camps

These camps are all about developing strong values.

You'll get all the same activities as at any other camp, but with a focus on developing strong and confident young people.

Levels of faith practiced at these camps will vary - often, they're indistinguishable from a traditional camp.

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special needs camps

Everyone can get in on the fun.

Sign up for the most rewarding summer of your life - you'll help your campers with special needs to overcome their limitations and challenge themselves in brand new ways.

The best thing about summer camp is that everyone is welcome - and these camps make camp accessible for everyone.

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campers from underprivileged backgrounds

Create an incredible summer for underprivileged campers.

Often indistinguishable from traditional summer camps, the only difference is where the campers come from. They're from backgrounds which wouldn't typically allow them to attend summer camp.

Thankfully, camp is a place where none of that matters - because everyone can just be themselves. You'll help your campers to grow their confidence and experience a life-changing summer - and you'll feel good about it.

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get into the outdoors.

Can I choose which camp I'll work at?

You can't choose your camp outright, as each Camp Director has the ultimate say over the staff they hire. In order to help you find the right camp, we've allowed you to set your preferences in your profile. When Camp Directors come across these preferences, they'll reach out, and you can decide when to accept and confirm your placement at a camp!

Where are the camps?

Most of our camps are in Ontario, but many of the camps are located in Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Do I have days off at all camps?

Of course! Your schedule will vary depending on which camp you're at, but you'll always have days off during the summer to relax and explore.

How do we decide which camps we work with?

We pride ourselves on helping high-quality camps find high-quality staff. Each of our camps are hand-selected, and we visit each one in person. Our relationships with camps are largely based on our participant feedback - which allows us to make sure we're partnering with the right camps.

Do I need different qualifications at different types of camps?

No, but you may need qualification for a specific role. For instance, to be a lifeguard, you might need a certification and experience. However, if you're interested, you can still apply - as long as you have the skills, it may be possible to gain your certification in Canada before camp!

Is the accommodation similar at camps?

Each camp will have unique accommodations, so the best thing to do is explore the camp types you're interested in and then ask your Camp Director any questions you have during your interview.

Do I need to be religious to work at a Jewish or Christian camp?

No! Some camps may be stringent about who they hire, but for the most part, Camp Directors are just looking for enthusiastic, open-minded staff who will provide a good example for their campers. Some camps simply have "faith status", with little or no active religion practiced.

How many campers go to a summer camp?

The number of campers vary - it's different at each camp but if you're curious you can as your Camp Director during your interview.