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welcome to canada.

forget the j1 visa.

€399. Super early bird offer.

Looking for a J1 to Canada? You don't need one. Camp Canada is visa free - meaning no embassy visits, no paperwork, and no hassle.

Rather than the bureaucracy of the American J1, you'll have a simple and smooth work permit process. All you'll need is a fixed-length job offer in hand - which you'll have with Camp Canada.

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8-10 weeks at camp. food & accommodation. 24/7 support. travel up to 6 months after camp.

j1 visa exemption.

Many people from Ireland and the rest of Europe know about the American J1 visa. In Canada, it works differently - and you have two main options.

You could get a 2-year Canadian working holiday visa. But if you're not quite ready for that, or you only have time to travel Canada for a few months, a work permit with Camp Canada is the best option out there.

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don't use up your iec.

The IEC, or International Experience Canada Visa, allows you to work and travel in Canada for up to 2 years if you're under 32.

For most people, the better option is to save their IEC by going on a Camp Canada program. They'll make friends, explore the country, and use their IEC when they're ready.

the best alternative to a j1 summer in America.

job roles in canada.

Camp Canada is very similar to getting a J1 summer job in America - except you'll be in the politest country in the world.

There are tons of job roles available at camp - become a general counsellor or an activity specialist, teaching your hobby or passion all summer. Chances are high that whatever you're good at, it's an activity that you can teach at camp.

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looking for a J1 to canada? you don't need one. camp canada is visa free.