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the soul of summer camp.

summer camp counsellor jobs in canada.

If you've got all-around skills, and want to work with a group of kids at camp, you'll be a good fit as a camp counsellor.

These roles require no qualifications - your main responsibility will be leading a small group of campers throughout all their summer activities.

a summer job you won't forget.

With Camp Canada, you'll learn new skills, make new friends, and discover new things about yourself. This might just be the best summer job you ever have.

As a camp counsellor, you'll keep the summer humming along by looking after your campers, but you'll also be able to try out lots of new things. You'll come back a different person - with a better idea of where you're going.

make an impact as a camp counsellor with camp canada.

try out every activity at camp.

Want to find a new hobby? Why not try out climbing, arts and crafts, or even waterskiing at camp? The activities are all there for the campers to try - but you can have a go, too.

If there's an activity you're passionate about, you might be able to teach it at camp - and the jobs you'll be eligible for will almost double.

check out the activities at camp

be a role model.

You'll become a mentor and role model to your little group of campers - and play a big part in inspiring the next generation.

If you're looking for a hands-on, personalized experience, this is the role for you. Your campers will look up to and rely on you - making you a key member of your camp's success.

be a part of a leadership team.

Being a camp counsellor is a great way to develop leadership skills. You'll be relied upon to take charge, but you'll also be able to rely on the other counsellors at camp - and help make this summer one to remember.

Make sure to list any skills or hobbies on your application. You'll mainly lead your group of campers, but you'll also be able to help lead in various activities as you go throughout your day.

why you should work as a summer camp counsellor with camp canada:

Working at a summer camp In Canada was the best decision I have ever made, hands-down. It's genuinely astonishing how much it can change you for the better, in a short period of time.

My experience at camp was better than I could have imagined. You learn skills and life lessons that you can’t find anywhere else. Each day brought new ways to challenge myself, and I grabbed every opportunity to learn new skills and develop existing ones. Simple interactions, like teaching kids climbing in the beautiful sun, or relaxing in the evenings around the campfire, can impact the lives of your campers. Seeing young people grow is one of the most rewarding feelings there is. A camper once told me that camp makes us better people - I couldn't agree more.

Camp Counsellor

don't miss out on your ultimate summer job.

camp counsellor faq's:

Will I be trained for my job?

Of course! You'll have a full week to get settled in at camp before the campers arrive. During this week, you'll receive any training required for your camp counsellor job role, so you'll be ready for anything. We'll also make sure you're prepared before you arrive in Canada. Make sure to attend a pre-departure Prep Day to get fully prepared for your Canadian adventure.

What are the hours like? Will I get time off?

Working as a camp counsellor is an incredibly fun and rewarding job - but everyone has their limits. You'll be in charge of leading your campers through the day - from mealtimes, to activities, to down-time. It's a full-time job, but you'll have lots of help from your fellow counsellors - and you'll have days off from work. Each camp is different, so you'll need to find out specifics from your Camp Director during your interview. Make sure to take care of yourself at camp - physically and mentally. Drink lots of water, take time for yourself, eat properly, and most importantly, get lots of sleep.

Are there any requirements?

Other than our general eligibility requirements, the camp counsellor role will mostly require you to be able to work with kids. Experience in that area gives you a good shot at being hired in this role.

Should I apply to be a camp counsellor or an activity specialist?

If you're not sure what role to apply for, we've got the ultimate summer camp application hack. Apply for both. Yes, both. Here's why: by adding skills to your profile, you'll qualify for the highest number of jobs possible.

Our Camp Directors are always looking for counsellors with skills and interests. If you can help lead an activity session, such as climbing, you'll be a valuable asset to your camp. We recommend filling in your profile with as many skills as possible. You don't necessarily need qualifications, but it can only benefit you to add your skills. If you're worried your skill level isn't good enough, it may also be worth joining a local club or activity centre. That way, you can practice your skills at before camp starts.

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