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fitness instructor jobs

are you?

Active, Athletic, Motivated, Patient

bonus qualifications:

No qualifications are required - but the safety of the campers is important. If you have a well-rounded knowledge of health and fitness routines, and can make exercising fun for your campers, you'll be a great fit for this role at camp.

why should I be a fitness instructor at summer camp?

If you’re keen on keeping fit, being a fitness instructor at camp is the perfect summer job for you - and where better to do it than in Canada?

You’ll be able to develop your own fitness levels, but most importantly you will pass your fitness expertise onto your campers, giving them ways to live a healthy lifestyle for years to come. If you want to be a positive role model for kids and young teenagers, this is the job you want.

what does a fitness instructor do at summer camp?

As a fitness instructor, you and your team will be responsible for planning activities for the fitness program, which you’ll teach for around 5 or 6 activity periods per day. These can range from cardio workouts such as kickboxing and dance fitness to individual personal training including weight training. You can also throw in the occasional activity session with one of the other sports instructors as a change-up!

As well, you will pass on your knowledge to help campers stay fit and healthy, giving them tips on their diet, regular exercise, and overall wellbeing.

fitness instructor faq's

Will I be trained?

When you arrive at camp, you will spend around a week getting trained in your activity, to make sure you give the best experience to campers, whilst at the same time ensuring their safety. Don’t worry if you don’t have any relevant qualifications, all we’re asking for is that you’re willing to get stuck in!

How many children should I expect to teach?

Campers come down to sessions in divisions (age groups). These can vary in skill level, but usually are made up of 10-30 campers. You’ll then be paired with an individual camper or a group, and don’t worry - you’ll be supported by your fellow specialists and counsellors.

Do I still get days off?

Of course! Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries after an exciting but hectic week at camp, as well as the opportunity to explore the local area and further afield. Most camps will give you a 24 hour block of free time every week, whilst some others provide 2-4 days off in a row every few weeks.

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